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The Obamacare Marketplace has two separate health insurance marketplaces - the Individual (you and your family) Health Insurance Marketplace and the SHOP Marketplace for small businesses and their sponsored employees. This page is devoted to the individual health insurance marketplace.

Your State Health Insurance Marketplace

This page provides informative links and resources (below) for the various States' Health Insurance Marketplaces. All marketplaces are scheduled to open for business accepting early enrollments beginning in October 1, 2013 for the complete Obamacare Marketplace launch on January 1st of 2014. Many of these state marketplace websites will include information about both Individual and SHOP marketplaces.

We will try to keep the links up to date as they become available, the US Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS) approves and oversees the state marketplaces. Even though each state will have its own health insurance marketplace, the federal government will be implementing and operating 26 of them, plus partnering with another 7 states, 17 states will build and operate their own marketplace, at least to start. The list below includes the current "to be" state run and operated Obamacare marketplaces, next are the states in partnership marketplaces with the Feds. All other states will have a Federal ran marketplace.

State-Run Health Insurance Exchange - List

Federal-State Partnership Health Insurance Exchange - List

Federal Ran Health Insurance Exchange - List

All state marketplaces not included in the above top list will have Federal Ran Exchanges.

The Health Insurance Marketplace Function

The marketplace is where folks interested in acquiring individual health insurance will go shopping online in the convenience of their homes or anyplace with the assistance of the computer and Internet access. The marketplace will be structured in a consumer friendly format. The first phase of the process is to qualify the consumer for what is available to them. Once you are qualified to purchase health insurance in the marketplace you will be provided a comprehensive, apples to apples choice of health plans that are available in your state health insurance exchange. Obamacare subsidies and Medicaid expansion options will also be made available to those who qualify. Additional assistance will be made available through call centers and navigators if needed.

Self-employed and other small business owners who have no employees to insure will have access to this individual health insurance marketplace. All business owners interested in providing employee health insurance can utilize the SHOP marketplace.


Obamacare (Individual) Marketplace UPDATES:

Obamacare Marketplace Impact Study

November, 2013

As we reported November 12, 2013 in our Obamacare Marketplace Bulletin Fall Issue. The McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform gives a comprehensive and timely study on the Obamacare Marketplace in the health insurance industry across the entire USA.

The Pressure Mounts As Marketplace Launch Nears

April, 2013

President Obama's administration, more specifically the Department of Human Health and Services (HHS) have much to do and little time to do it. With 50 separate online health insurance marketplaces scheduled to be open for early enrollment on 1 October 2013 and be fully functional delivering benefits by January 1 of 2014 there is indeed much to do and time is of the essence. The extra burden for the federal government was created when 26 of the states decided to have the federal government build and run their health insurance exchanges and 7 others states opted for a Fed/state partnership. The politics of the day is mostly to blame, as many states waited for their political opposition of Obamacare to play out in the courts and the 2012 national elections. Well, by the time the game was over, and the dust settled, Obamacare was the clear winner but many states were no longer able to pick up the slack for the up coming deadlines in the law to prepare their individual marketplace, even if they wanted to. At this point many of these states had little choice but to defer to the federal government. Many had thought the states would want as much say and control as possible, mostly the conservative states, supposedly pro state rights but obstruction at all cost became the politics of the day, so here we are.

The Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sibelius insist all will be in place and ready for the launch of Obamacare. She appears up for the task and has made some adjustments and delays in other areas of the marketplace to make sure the main structure and implementation is ready to go on time. These stopgap measures include one year delays for both the state option health plan (an option for states to set up a health plan of their own for those who don't qualify for other coverage) and the requirement for multiple health plan choices in the SHOP exchange that provides benefits for small business health plans, they will still all have at least a one plan option.

Obamacare awareness education and promotion is the big task on hand prior launch. Most Americans have a vague understanding at best of Obamacare while many have a complete misunderstanding due to the complexity of the law along with all the misinformation that was spewed in order to fight it by its detractors. This obviously creates extra obstacles as many need to unlearn the mistruths while learning the reality. The congress has also not been forthcoming with requested additional funds, as the laws architects did not anticipate the political fiasco, that made the Feds building and operating over half the state marketplaces.

Hopefully, Obamacare will get off to decent start but reality dictates a reform of this magnitude, even implemented with due diligence will still require some time to get right. My guess is after 2 to 3 years Obamacare will be hitting on all cylinders and Americans will embrace their newfound healthcare freedom they will warmly call Obamacare.

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The Obamacare Bulletin

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