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Proscons 240w OptThe Obamacare pros and cons are in the eyes of the beholder. Many think the biggest pro is that the PPACA health care reform is now the law and any cons can be addressed going forward and improved upon as needed. Consider the Obamacare facts, granted the government can be over intrusive at times and any bureaucracy is always a challenge to efficiency. But all in all, Americans have to give credit to President Obama and his party colleagues for this monumental health care reform enacted against all odds and many powerful special interest.

Individuals and their families along with small businesses have the option of buying or not in the Obamacare Marketplace. Americans with preexisting conditions are no longer shut out while the rest at the very least gain an additional option to a simple straightforward comparative shopping format. Tens of million Americans will gain health insurance subsidies in the forms of instant tax credits or Medicaid allowing them to gain health insurance that was unaffordable or unavailable to them before. Small businesses will have access not only to a new competitive SHOP Marketplace but also tax credits worth up to 50% of their total health insurance costs. Both individuals and business owners always have the option of buying outside of the Obamacare marketplace but even here, they gain a much more viable and secure insurance product due to the insurance reform regulations in Obamacare. Obamacare is a win-win for most Americans.

Getting Americans' Feedback on Obamacare Pros and Cons

The Obamacare pros and cons will play out as the law is implemented and becomes an American reality. This being said, we want your Obamacare Feedback!!! Folks such as yourself can communicate your experiences and point of view on the Obamacare pros and cons, for all to share.

Expanding Views and Opinion on Obamacare

The status quo in America's health care system has proved to be extremely inefficient, ineffective and inaccessible. As a matter of fact it's hardly a healthcare system but rather a sick care system. The old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is truly what is needed to help cure America's health care ills.

Obamacare is a comprehensive reform of the entire healthcare industry, it's tentacles reach far and wide throughout the entire country. The most significant reforms address the health insurance industry, ensuring consumer protection and accessibility, while utilizing the free market system with all of its advantages. Both of which hinge on strict demanding insurance regulation like guaranteed issued policies, the individual mandate, benefit cap elimination, essential health benefits and a competitive marketplace. There are improvements in preventative healthcare incentives with the no out-of-pocket cost, also the 3 million young adults allowed health insurance on their parents policies that would be uninsured if not for Obamacare, and the list goes on.

The explosive healthcare inflation dilemma is engaged in Obamacare through experimental trials of different medical delivery systems to help find solutions to the current inefficient pay for services approach. Only time will tell if these labs of efficiency bear fruit. These new managed-care trial balloons of the future will need to coordinate smart efficient care between the providers such as hospitals, labs, doctors, therapists, pharmaceuticals and the patient.

The biggest bang for the buck in healthcare is keeping people healthy! The prevention of getting sick or ill is the cheapest cure of all. Education and awareness of healthy lifestyle choices is a great place to focus.

The Obamacare Pros and Cons Scorecard:


  • Provides a minimum coverage requirement of "essential health benefits" providing more complete and comprehensive coverage.
  • Elimination of coverage caps both annual and lifetime.
  • Guaranteed issued health insurance for all. No more underwriting by insurance companies to reject, drop or limit policies for pre-existing conditions or medical history.
  • A big progressive step towards American universal healthcare.
  • American worker health insurance freedom, the end of "job lock" due to employer health insurance insecurity, ending insufficient health insurance portability and employer health insurance leverage in work place.
  • Health insurance subsidies to assist in affordability and access.
  • A new health insurance marketplace via state insurance exchanges to provide greater convenience, access, choice and competition in the marketplace.
  • Young adults have access to parents policies dependent coverage till age of 26, provides millions health insurance coverage they wouldn't otherwise have.
  • Medicare recipients gain better drug coverage and no out-of-pocket annual preventative screenings.
  • Medical Loss Ratio - Insurance companies are required to use at least 85% (large group/employer) or 80% (small group/employer and individual) of premiums received toward health care benefits or provide rebates for the difference to it's policy holders.
  • Consumers in new health plans will have the right to appeal decisions made by their insurance company to an independent third party.
  • Protect the patient by keeping the insurer from coming between you and your doctor.
  • Expansion of potential health insurance access to more than 30 million uninsured Americans.



  • More bureaucracy is never good but sometimes a necessary evil.
  • Not enough healthcare provider regulation to ensure sunshine on pricing of all healthcare procedures and services. This could enhance consumer protections and enhance competition among providers, lowering overall healthcare cost.
  • More should be done to ensure participation in Medicaid expansion by all states. An absolute no brainer for rational caring state leaders. Unfortunately many states' most neediest residents healthcare access is being stymied by selfish political ambitions. The insured in these states will end up picking up the tab in increased premiums to pay for the emergency-room sick-care alternative.
  • More needs to be done towards public awareness and education on healthy living, smart healthcare alternatives and personal responsibility.
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The Obamacare Bulletin

December 30, 2014 Last Word of 2014 Happy New Year! The 2nd Obamacare Marketplace open enrollment reaches midway bragging around 2 million new enrollees. Forward into 2015 we plan on exploring the 2nd year enrollment in detail when the final tallies are in. The US Supreme Court case on the ACA's subsidies legality of being distributed through the federal v...